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So somehow in all my posting about Dane I forgot to gush about the bit that made me really decide I liked him in the first place (and CB&MI13 itself, for that matter). Derp. Especially after reading this interview.

It’s basically “how to sum up a character in one page”, which appeals to my writer nature. To whit:

"For the lady" seems to have a double meaning… one, the Lady of the Lake of course, since he’s still her Pendragon, but also the rather nice doctor he just met that he’s been trying to be a dashing superhero for.

He still considers himself an Avenger at heart, but is rather bitter that they rejected him as evidenced here and his gripe in the earlier issue about “and don’t say ‘the Avengers are here, we’re saved’, don’t get me started on that”.

And keeps going. My best friend is dead. The woman I loved (both of them, really) forgot me. A man who needs to be needed, but keeps finding the people he cares about either don’t seem to care as much about him, or he keeps losing them.

So he’ll keep going anyway. He’ll be a hero even if nobody else is, keep fighting because it’s what he has left and because the sword tells him to.

The next page has Faiza being her typical Badass Pacifist self, of course.

I find it interesting that he apologizes to her… not just because his spectacle was violent, but because he has been trying to be what the cute superhero fangirl wants to see and being bitter and angsting and lamenting over how the superheroing business has been a failure isn’t very inspiring or charming or what a hero should be doing. “You shouldn’t have seen me being human and not a hero,” essentially.

Faiza then steers him back on course, we’re going to do this superhero thing the right way, aren’t we? You’re going to be the superhero I thought you were, and I want to be, right? Yes, we are. (Of course the clashes between her pacifist nature and his blood knight tendencies get a bit more heated later on, but here he appreciates her setting him straight.)

Incidentally, I suppose it’s why the fact that the two click rather quickly doesn’t bother me here like it does in other romantic stories. Because while they grow to appreciate (and sometimes be annoyed by) each other’s true personalities later, their initial traits match up great as well. She’s a starry-eyed superhero fangirl who’s fluttery that any superhero no matter how b- or c-list is paying attention to and listening to her (and helps that he’s rather cute as well), and he’s a rather bitter and lonely man who wants to feel liked and appreciated by someone and like he’s doing the hero business right for once.

(Yes, I analyze stuff like this while reading everything. Oftentimes it’s kind of wasted, but sometimes you stumble across well-written stuff like this and it’s like the writing version of eating chocolate.) 

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