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First Puerto Rico THEN THE WORLD!

I’m not sure anywhere else in the world wants to become a US state. (Pretty sure the rest of the world hates Americans…)


I’m pretty sure Pennsylvania today is a better place than it was during Franklin’s times.

I am positive that Massachusetts is a better place nowadays thanks in part to the Irish and our other immigrant groups.

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Oh, Playdom.

Oh, Playdom.

Posting that selfie reminded me that if I ever won the lottery, one thing I would be very, very tempted to do is get a nose job to make it less wide/fleshy.

Like seriously, I hate my nose. It takes up half my face, detracts attention from my eyes and lips (both of which are actually pretty decent-looking), and I think is one of the significant reasons of why I look ugly (and the one reason that won’t go away if I lose some weight).

Obama on D.C. statehood: ‘I’m for it’

This is an interesting development, especially with Puerto Rico’s push for statehood being more prominent lately.

I honestly thought you meant art tablet

Heh! Nah, I can’t draw worth crap; a tablet for arting would be a waste of money for me.

Ooh, my new tablet has actual functioning GPS. (My Acer tablet in theory has GPS, but in practice it never wants to pick up anything.)

Anonymous said: Are you hispanic?

No, though I am part Portuguese, which sometimes gets mixed up as said in the States.

You’re not the first person to wonder that, though. I’ve had a few (actual) Hispanic folks from time to time approach me expecting me to be able to speak Spanish and being disappointed when I have to say I can’t.

Yay, I finally have a tablet selfie camera that doesn’t suck. :3

Yay, I finally have a tablet selfie camera that doesn’t suck. :3



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