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So right now I’m in a debate on Think Progress with someone commenting on an article about US refugees trying to swear up and down they’re a nurse who takes care of illegals all the time who openly admit to freeloading. And that I’m a “stupid liberal who can’t see the truth”. And that their personal story is “proof”. (They also tried passing off a 1 minute long news segment from Fox News as “proof”.)

Meanwhile, I’ve posted loads of actual proof via actual statistics and studies from actual articles. All of which has gone completely ignored.

Oh, and did I mention that the “nurse” who “takes care of illegals” has a Facebook profile which clearly states they’re a high school teacher? In the PHILIPPINES?

This is the sort of crap I regularly deal with while trying to debate with people. But I still get Anons bitching at me like I’m the problem.

I want to laugh at an idiot a while back on Facebook who told me that self-esteem/self-confidence was about sticking/living according to your principles.

When it seems like any time I try to stick to my principles and do/stand up for what’s right, all I get is told I’m stupid and/or a bad person and people avoiding or insulting me. And any time I try to live according to my principles I just get taken for granted.


how do people have relationship after relationship like i can’t find a single person to find me remotely attractive for a solid second

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Personal fantasy: Actually ever getting treated with any respect, or even just some (actual) common decency, versus being shit on or ignored all the time.

I’m laughing so hard because I got that Anon while over on Think Progress there’s an article about refugees with conservatives full of empty claims about how illegals get all this free stuff and whatnot, and are insisting I’m a “dumb liberal who can’t see the truth” even though I’ve asked them to show proof literally a dozen times at this point and they have yet to do so.

So I love the sad tears everyone cries when I just can’t accept their empty claims about my points, and crumple into name-calling and gibberish the second I ask for proof or even something approaching actual logic and analysis.

"You’re wrong!" Prove it, or I’m not.

"You misinterpreted what I said!" Explain what you actually meant and where I got it wrong, or I didn’t.

"You ignored what I said!" Show where and how I ignored what you said, or I didn’t.

Meanwhile, nah, nobody ever misinterprets what I mean, while I have things like in a recent conversation people doing things like confusing “liberal” with “libertine” after I already corrected them, or insisting that “liberal” is synonymous with “casual personal sexual mores” even after I already corrected them there, too.

Anonymous said: After weeding through a good few of your debates, I have to congratulate you for being the biggest hypocrite I've ever seen. You keep claiming that everyone you debate with doesn't ever see your point, or that they ignore what you're saying for their own point, when that is exactly what you do every time you're in an argument with someone, and most of the time the people you're arguing with don't do it at all. But, you'll just disagree with what I'm saying in favor of making yourself look good.

"Man, I’m so mad that you just can’t understand how you’re wrong even though nobody ever actually proves you wrong when you bid them to. Nor can you see how you misinterpret everyone’s point even though nobody ever actually explains how you got them wrong when bid to. You need to start just accepting everything we say to or about you without ever questioning it or making us actually have to back it up in any way, that’s just not fair!"

 I’m sorry you’re mad because you’re used to dealing with a bunch of 12 year olds who haven’t progressed beyond playground antics, and instead are confronted with an adult who actually knows how to debate, but do stop whining that I’m expecting you to step up to my level versus my slumming down to yours.

Or, what seems to be the two words in the English language that everyone hates the most: Prove it.

One of the amusing aspects of being a fan of folk music is that it’s pretty normal to have about half a dozen versions of every song.


In which people from the Berkshires are complete smart alecks.

Under the circumstances, the specter of a United States Congress literally picking a high-profile political fight over the idea that the president has been doing too much stuff is manna from heaven. Now there’s no more argument over why the president won’t lead. He is leading! Leading as far as he can possibly go! Leading so far that the Speaker of the House is complaining that he’s engaged in an illegal level of leadership!
—Matthew Yglesias, “Boehner’s lawsuit is great news for Obama



Actors that don’t have the same accent as their characters fuck with my head.

Admittedly it’s probably one of the easiest accents to pull off, I wager.

(Well, if you’re going for a general accent. Specific ones can be tricky. Props go to the time Tim Curry tried a New Orleans accent. Key word being tried.)