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glamorousgamine replied to your post “Feminism Has Ruined Being a Geek For Me and Other Girl Geeks”

Not to mention it drives away potential female fans. I grew up with (mostly male) geeks, same as you, but if I were unfamiliar and wanted to see for myself, only for warnings of “MISOGYNY” to bombard me, I’d stay the fuck out.

Yeah, I read an article which addressed that as one of its points regards the video gaming, pointing out that we’re never going to get more women into designing games if we keep telling them how hard and hostile the industry is to them.

And it’s the same thing from the fandom end; we’re never going to encourage more girls to be geeks if we keep telling them that geek culture and media is hostile towards them, and that half of their would-be fellow geeks are their enemy.

Sometimes I wonder what feminism’s goal is actually supposed to be, considering how it keeps shooting itself in the foot near constantly.

Feminism Has Ruined Being a Geek For Me and Other Girl Geeks

I remember when being a geek was about actual community, having fun being pals, enjoying your hobby together, creating theories and analyzing details, joke threads about who would win a fight against who, and basically having it be an actual community that was actually enjoyable to be in, and a safe haven from outsiders who looked down on our tastes.

Now it’s nothing but bashing male geeks (including the internalized misandry of male geeks being brainwashed into bashing other male geeks), arguing about how literally every detail of our hobby is allegedly offensive, bashing creators and telling them everything they do is wrong if they don’t join the SJW cult/bandwagon, bashing female fans who also oppose the SJW cult/bandwagon, being expected to mollycoddle and kiss the ass of people who appropriate our subculture and take over our safe spaces while continuing to bash us for liking our subculture and for needing said safe spaces, and basically turning a once-fun and safe place into a cesspool of nastiness.

And the feminists who ruined my hobby then have the damn gall to pretend they’re doing it to help me and other girl geeks.


So I went on a bit of a rant on Twitter earlier.

If you’re no longer making money at cons, either stop going or refocus. It’s not other peoples’ fault that your business model no longer caters to them.

I love how an article by a woman, observing actual events involving other women, somehow gets turned around to blame male geeks for everything under the sun yet again. Sorry men, you’re to blame for everything again, even stuff you didn’t actually do, because women are perfect holy beings beyond criticism apparently.

Feminism is what ruined the geek community, not male geeks.

Seriously, as a geek girl I liked my hobby better before I had to read bullshit like this OP all the time. At least when it was the jocks and popular girls and such constantly bashing my friends and my hobby and its creators, we actually understood as a society that was wrong on some level. Now that bashing is treated as OK, even virtuous.

And any time I’ve been treated as a “fake geek girl” by a male geek, it’s been only when they were brainwashed by feminist claptrap into turning on any of their own who don’t agree with the feminist overlords, like they joined some kind of poisonous cult.

When do I get to have my safe space back, back when geeks were expected to stick together and support each other and their hobby, and away from reading bullshit like this OP day in and day out?

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My girlfriend was buying a wig fir the Brony convention she’s going to with a friend and the guy behind the counter asked “What are girl bronies called?” And before I could stop myself I blurted out:
“The intended Audience?”



So, girls who like Transformers, should we mock them too? They’re not the intended audience, after all. Just was dismayed that I saw this because someone I trusted to be a decent person actually reblogged this, when he should know better on account of being a fan of a property for young boys that’s liked by a lot of ladies, ladies that embody and do as a fandom literally everything that bronies do, even the “bad” stuff, without being mocked like this.

And of course back when girls were not the intended audience of a DC cartoon, and it got cancelled as because not enough of the actual intended audience was watching it, and the ladies complained that the creators didn’t cater to them and keep it going anyway, we were expected to sympathize with the ladies and not tell them, “sorry, not the intended audience”.

And this sort of rank hypocrisy is why I hate feminism.

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So the other day I ordered a couple dinners from a pizza place including their “Italian Combo” which is 2 stuffed shells, 2 manicotti, and 2 ravioli.

And I was expecting them to be separate but instead when I opened it to have a meal I found out I basically had an Italian quiche going on.

Not really bothered by this, exactly; it’s just sort of bemusing.

nullifiedknight replied to your link “Sony Developing Captain Planet Movie”

I hope it stars Don Cheadle as the titular character.

I had a suspicion I was missing something with this suggestion, and suspicion confirmed after a quick trip to TV Tropes.

I am horrible at keeping up with new internet memes. >_>

Anonymous said: www(.)youtube(.)com/watch?v=_cIgKfReegg <- I would seriously consider watching it if this was real, haha... :P

Oh man. XD Actually, this is pretty good for a fan-made thing. Mainly because a live-action Captain Planet movie probably would look a lot like this.


It’s because it is a war on reproductive rights, not even a fight for the right to life. Everything they do points consistently to controlling women, not saving babies. Women should be scared of that agenda.

Yeah, basically.

And a lot of antifeminist111’s arguments don’t even make factual sense. Like, out of their 4 proposed “cheap” contraceptives, two are foams/barriers which are some of the least effective methods of birth control, and two aren’t even contraceptives at all which is an even bigger fail.

Or they talk about how it’s no big deal that Hobby Lobby banned IUDs, while ignoring that not only is it problematic that Hobby Lobby got to ban anything based solely on religion at all, but IUDs are THE most cost-effective and effective in general method of birth control available.

Like seriously, if we got every sexually active woman using an IUD whose body could tolerate it, the rate of unwanted pregnancies would drop like a rock, and all for roughly the cost of $3000-$5000 per woman over her entire lifetime. (Since IIRC they cost about $1000 and last around ten years, so if you factor in a woman’s fertile period being roughly 30 years long and if she needs one or two replaced so she can time out long enough to have a planned child or two…)

And of course a lot of pro-life arguments revolve around “taking responsibility” in general, whether it’s “taking responsibility” for paying the cost of contraceptives yourself, or for keeping your legs shut, or for bearing the child whether you want to or not, etc.

It’s not about saving life at that point. It’s about controlling women’s sexuality.

And I won’t even get into how refusing to give women an easy means to have sex without pregnancy means that MEN also are denied an easy means to have sex without pregnancy, which you’d think anti-feminists would be concerned with. Hence why it starts looking like misogyny instead.

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Sony Developing Captain Planet Movie

Oh god, somebody actually IS developing a live-action movie based on Captain Planet. I had better get my campiness, writers. And my Yankee-on-Russian shipping, too.

Anonymous said: Woo! Someone who knows Captain Planet! :D Seriously, I was talking about that to my friend a while ago and she was like, 'Who?' They should totally make a Live Action movie of CP, it's like the perfect time :D

Oh yeah, I loved Captain Planet in all its cheesy bizarreness. Even when it was being incredibly bizarre it still had its heart in the right place (go Ma-Ti!) I miss 80s cartoons… we’ll never have quite the same mix of clueless earnestness and writers on drugs ever again.

One of these days I should make a full list of the things I like that I almost never get to reblog about because nobody posts about them.

I dunno about a live-action movie, though. While I agree it’s certainly thematically on-topic, I worry about such an endeavor being all… serious and stuff. I’m only on board if it’s as campy as the cartoon.

Also only if Wheeler and Linka actually hook up.